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Trampoline buying guide

Discover the Thrills of Trampolines London: Our Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit for your Outdoor Adventures


Looking for a way to have fun and stay active outdoors? Look no further than trampolines! Not only do they provide hours of entertainment for all ages, but they also help improve coordination, balance, and strength. Whether you’re looking to set up a trampoline in your backyard or need one for an event, a round trampoline is a fantastic choice. So get ready for endless bouncing and excitement!

Looking for the ideal trampoline involves considering various factors before making a decision. Take a moment to explore our comprehensive guide to make an informed and unique choice.

Consider Your Budget  Firstly, establish a suitable budget for your new trampoline. Prices can vary significantly, so understanding your price range will help narrow down your options. Thorough research ensures you maximize your budget to get the best trampoline that suits your needs.

Selecting the Perfect Location Choosing the right spot for your London trampoline is crucial. Make sure the ground is flat and even, providing a sturdy foundation once the frame is assembled. Check for any trees or obstructions that could hinder the placement of your trampoline. Consider the space around the location to ensure there are no walls or fences. For framed trampolines with nets, make sure there is ample space for dismounting and a ladder. When placing it on a grassed area, consider its movability for lawn maintenance, especially if it’s larger and heavier.

Measuring the Available Space We highly recommend evaluating the space where you intend to install your trampoline. It’s essential to ensure there is enough room now and in the future to enjoy it for years to come. Choose the largest size that comfortably fits within your planned space and budget. An ingenious option to preserve your garden’s view is to consider an InGround or Flatground Trampoline London. Accurately measure the area and account for necessary safety clearance space.

Choosing the Right Trampoline Style Selecting the perfect style of trampoline is crucial as it depends not only on the available space but also on its shape. For instance, consider oval trampolines for longer, narrow gardens. Keep these factors in mind to find the ideal trampoline that meets your needs and desires.

Round Trampolines

Round trampolines are designed with a centrally located bounce area, guaranteeing an evenly distributed pull on the springs. The bed’s weave skilfully directs users towards the middle of the trampoline, making it the perfect choice for beginners and young bouncers. 

Oval Trampolines 

Oval trampolines offer multiple bounce areas, catering to varying sizes.  providing up to three unique bounce areas in larger models! This allows for multiple users to share the trampoline.

Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular trampolines have gained popularity among trampolinists and aspiring gymnasts for their equal bounce and incredible manoeuvrability. Designed with a woven construction, they provide the ultimate platform for performing flips and tricks

Flatground and Inground Trampolines.

They offer the sane functionality as above-ground with the advantage of being closer or completely sunk into ground. They provide easy access without the need for climbing or a ladder, making them ideal for families with young children.

Trampoline Assembly Preparation Before getting started, take a moment to carefully go through the provided instructions. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the entire assembly process and check all the parts for accuracy and optimal condition. By doing so, you can avoid any potential issues during installation. Typically, two adults can fully assemble most trampolines within two hours. However, keep in mind that preparing the ground for flatground or inground trampolines might require some additional time and consideration. Shop your perfect trampoline London HERE

During assembly, it’s important to choose a level and even surface for the trampoline base. Ensure that there is a minimum clearance of two meters from nearby structures such as fences, trees, or walls. This will provide a safe and enjoyable trampolining experience for everyone.

Delivery When selecting a trampoline, it’s essential to check for any delivery limitations. Some companies may only deliver to the kerbside or front door. If you have challenging access to your garden, plan ahead for how you will transport the trampoline to its intended location. Having multiple adults present during delivery will make it easier to carry the trampoline directly to the desired spot. 

Accessories  It’s also worth considering the availability of accessories and replacement parts for the brand you choose. Opting for established brands ensures a wide range of extras even years after the initial purchase. This accessibility allows for easy ordering of replacement covers, nets, or spring paddings, ultimately extending the trampoline’s lifespan and keeping it in excellent condition. Additionally, think about any additional accessories you might need. While some trampolines include these accessories as part of the package, others may require separate purchases at checkout. Make sure to assess your personal requirements and acquire these accessories in advance for a seamless trampoline installation. View our range of TRAMPOLINE ACCESSORIES.

For stability and safety during high winds, consider using anchors to securely fasten the trampoline to the ground. Enclosure nets are also essential to protect jumpers from falls and injuries. While most framed trampolines come with a net included, double-check its presence as a vital safety component. If you have an in-ground or flat trampoline, there are net options available as well.

By following these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to assemble your trampoline London and create a fun and safe experience for everyone involved. Shop our range of London trampoline HERE